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              Entering Industry 4.0 a new technology developed in the Web-based Industrial System (IoT). Where all Production Machines are integrated with the WEB application controller. Leaving the HMI screen for PLC control, controlling the PLC has been integrated with the web, so the production process can be arranged in such a way to form a Recipe. All data will be managed in realtime in the database and can provide reports and process calculations in more detail to minimize errors and fraud, because all data and calculations are carried out automatically by the SYSTEM.

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Paragon Technologi And Innovation

    Machine Control Process  to minimize the occurrence of Human Error, integrate the Website System with the PLC Program, the operation of the Machine no longer uses HMI but Will Operate Automatically by a system that we commonly call RECIPE System.

     The system covered in the Multimix Recipe Management System has been implemented at PT Paragon Technology and Innovation (Wardah).

TAISHO Pharmaceutical Indonesia Tbk

        The Machine Control System also presents Report Systems and data calculations Automatically. The system makes the Recipe easier to adapt.

The system covered in the Taisho Recipe Management System has been implemented at PT Taisho Pharmaceutical Indonesia.

Reckkit Benckiser Indonesia ( DETOL )

         Washing process Tank or more well known with CIP, integrates the Website System and the PLC to control tank washing machine, along with the Water usage report and washing time,
the data will be used as a reference in Water savings calculations

       The system covered in the CIP
Recipe Management System has been implemented at PT Reckkit Benckiser





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