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Taisho recipe management system

          TAISHO RECIPE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM is a web system that is integrated with an automation system where the website interface is connected to PLC controls so that the website interface replaces HMI. The production process will be facilitated by the existence of a recipe system. Recipe is usually in the form of paper and the operator must translate the recipe to produce both the operation of the machine and prepare the material for making the product. the system is arranged in such a way as to make the operation of the machine automatically controlled by the RECIPE system. The Recipe preparation process is easy because it is only presented in table form so that the production admin can easily process the recipe input for making a product. The operator’s work is not driven by the recipe in the paper because it has been covered in a more interesting and easy-to-operate website interace. The operator only needs to press the Start button and the production process starts where the engine parameters are set in both speed and timer parameters. . the operator only prepares the production material and pours it on the tank according to the instructions on the recipe.

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