Android Application

        As we know, that more than 80% of Indonesians use mobile devices to communicate and complete work. This affects the culture of their lives, which usually tends to live statically to be all dynamic and mobile. Mobile devices also allow a company to collect and check data customers or employees in real time, this will certainly increase the effectiveness of time and resources.             

        We provide mobile application development services that can be installed on the Android OS. We can also integrate mobile applications developed with web service applications as a solution to your needs


Software Application

PT. Bintang Mas Karya Nusantara

Smart Office project that covers office security systems where Smart Door is applied in this application, the opening of the door can be through an android application named SEGENGGAM.




Discussing a concepts and systems according to customers requests, directly involving customers.

On Time

Good Analysis of project makes us have a good project completion time.

High Integrity

Concepts that point to consistency between actions and values and principles.

Fast Response

Fast response will provide convenience for our customers.

User Friendly Interface

The concept of an interface that is easy to use, and does not take long time to understand.


Great team is an added value for us, because our company is based on family.

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